Devblog Update #2


Hello again! This past month has flown by, but we’ve worked hard to finish implementation on more core functionality in battle, as well as art and music development. Moving forward, we’ll be posting shorter updates every other week, so with that said, let’s dig in.


When we last checked in, we had just finished getting all of the code and setup for experience gain and level ups in place. Now, in addition to gaining proper experience and levels, we have nearly all features of the battle dialogue UI complete, as well as item and money drops. We also stood up a formula database, so now all damage and healing comes from formulas based on individual character stats instead of hard-coded numbers.

This week starts initial setup and fleshing out of the behavior database that our enemy AI will pull from, as well as refactoring the battle UI code for all of the new parts that will be hooked into it. We are excited to show more of that as it comes together, as it is one of the final cornerstones of the battle system. Towards the end of this post you’ll find a video that shows our progress on these fronts.


Map architecture is one of the most design intensive, but exciting parts of this game. I am currently working through a city in chapter 3, which is very different from any other part of the game, and while it isn’t yet complete, I do want to show how the look and feel changes between each village and city in the game.

Pell Comp.png

Dellador Comp.png

Glasmere Comp.png

Since Glasmere is still in progress, the overall look for the city isnt set in stone, and may change between what you see here and the final version.

Our character artist is still working through a new batch of portraits and art, but as promised I would like to present our main character, Arnen. Also shown are a few of the allies that join you at the start of the story, including Arnen’s sister, Karissa, who is training as a Velana Priest.







There are a handful of tracks I need to get fleshed out and ready for synth orchestration. While I work through them, Andrew is exploring new ideas for battle and event themes. He spent some time at GameSoundCon last week and met some of his major musical inspirations, including the composer for the Witcher series. He’ll be talking more directly on approach and sound design next week.

Below is a video of some recent playtesting of the new battle dialogue UI with a new demo of Across The Emerald Expanse, which is still in the final stages of orchestration. In this video you’ll see more of the combat flow fleshed out, a level up or two, and some item and G drops. We’ll see how different these playtests are when the enemies can fight back!

Next Time:

As mentioned, for our next post I’ll hand things over to Andrew to give a more in depth analysis of his approach to the soundtrack composition. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram, and as always don’t hesitate to post any questions or feedback.

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