Devblog Update #11

Happy birthday War of Velana!

Our project turns 2 this month, and with it another milestone is reached. All of Chapter 1 of the game has been rebuilt with new art and is playable from start to finish. There are still a few more story bits to polish further, but last night the Chapter II banner screen was triggered for the first time. I’m so excited to move into the southern region of Alta and start to rework the art and details there. The city you travel to in Chapter 2 is Dellador, a Victorian styled city of art and music. I have most of the tilesets and maps already built, but in redoing the art I’m sure things will shift around a bit. I’ll show off new areas of that as they come together.

In code news, we have a ton of new features added to the game. We now have the rest of the Item commands cluster developed in and out of combat. That means in addition to using items, you’re able to transfer them between party members, equip things, and move items to the party stock.

Using items out of combat is very rare and specific to only a few items you can find in the game. This is mostly due to your party being refreshed after each battle, so there’s no need to plow through lifeberries and runeweeds to get ready for the next fight.

Having the equip system finally in place is also really great. There are a number of cases where enemies you kill in battle will drop new weapons or accessories that you can use, so being able to give those to the right ally and having them upgrade mid-battle is really exciting.

Moving items to the party stock lets you clear out an ally’s inventory of overflow items while still keeping those items to use later. The party stock is only accessible out of combat, so if you transfer something there during battle, you won’t have access to it until the battle is over. There are some strategic advantages here, but we won’t dive into that right now.
We have a few more menu things to code together before we can call the menus complete, but we’re nearing the end of that type of development!

That’s all to report on for now. It’s been a very busy summer for everyone and we’ll continue to work hard toward the completion of this game. I’ll try to get back to regular monthly updates! Time has really flown by the past handful of months and it’s easy to lose track of when I need to get a post put together.

Our sound designer, Emman, is going to start streaming some asset creation for War of Velana, so follow him on Twitter to get updates on when that happens! I think the next stream happens tomorrow, Monday 9/17. I’ll be around as well so come hang out!



As always, please share/comment/like/follow and let us know your thoughts. There is a new public alpha demo in the works and I’ll post far and wide when it’s available.

Until next time,
Justin Mitchell

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