Devblog Update #4

Hello again! Last time we heard from Andrew on his approach to composing for this world and how he is processing musical ideas into classic synth, which really completes the feel of the game. I’ll be handing the ball to him here and there so he can dig into more detail on the themes and ideas we’re getting together so that the musical landscape in Velana is just as varied and rich as the rest of it.

This past month’s development work marked the integration of another key component to the game: Enemy AI Behaviors. We now have the core flow and feel of the game’s tactical battles in place, and it’s pretty crazy to just sit down and really dig in after over a year of working on it. There is still a lot of work to do, even just in the combat engine, but it’s starting to come together wonderfully.

In addition to lots of code development this month, we have also made solid headway on maps and character sprites. I have one last set of 4-direction walking sprites to make for the base (unpromoted) classes, and I’ve started into some of the promotion class sets as well. Each character that joins you as a base class can be promoted, unless they’re one of the new specialty classes you can find. Well, IF you can find them. Here are a few of the class sprites to show the difference in look and tone between base and promotion.

Base, Promoted Chart1 100per.png

I have also been working on a number of new spell and skill effects. Instead of my normal approach of doing them individually, I made a sort of “playground” image that I could quickly work out sprites for a lot of different things. This method proved to be a lot faster for sprite production and mapping. Below is one of the new spells, Shine, which is the first Holy-element attack spell you’ll learn.


Maps have officially hit the halfway mark for the game, so we have lots to build out and test as we put things together. There are still many areas left to design and maps to make, but progress remains constant on that front as well. We’re also expecting a new batch of character portraits from Steph, so we’ll show those off when we get them.

Amidst work on other projects, and a successful fundraising campaign for Extra Life, Andrew is working on more music. Notably, a wonderful ballroom-style waltz for the City of Dellador, which ties into its Victorian design and feel perfectly, and a new battle theme that hits all the right chords (terrible pun) for mystery and anxiety. We’ll have more to talk about and debut on his side of things soon!

Lastly, I’ve been making some in-house Let’s Play style recordings of playtests while we’re still working on a number of new features for this phase. While it works well to show progress to the team, and some close advisors, it also has proven very useful in chasing down bugs. We don’t have to try and recreate issues if we’ve caught them in a recording! Below is one of the recordings, so please enjoy, despite the bug I found right at the end.

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