Devblog Update #6

Happy holidays to all! Our developer and I both had the latter half of December off from day jobs, so we plowed through a ton of work. We got about 10 inches of snow last night, so pardon the occasional snow pun and let’s dig in.

In code development, we have implemented a number of features, large and small, that are really changing the overall feel of the game. Dialogue flow now has portraits that display for anyone speaking who has a portrait. We’ve also redone how the dialogue system treats blocks of text so there’s complete control over when new lines are made. This lets us really clean up the dialogue spacing and polish the overall look.


Our event engine is 99% feature complete, and we have officially started build the story scenes for the game! As of this post we have the opening handful of scenes complete. I’ll be working on event scripting very heavily over the rest of the month to get us through the end of Chapter 1.


Another feature that we’ve added to the game is what we call Snapshot. This lets you hold R Trigger to view mini HP and SP bars for every unit on the map so you can quickly decide things like who needs healing or what enemy near you is almost dead. Having access to this information without interrupting your game flow or making you cursor around to all of the enemies is something I’ve always wanted in a tactical game, so I knew we just had to build this into the game.


Speaking of battle, in our last update I mentioned that we would be adding a grid to the battle maps. The screenshot in that update was a quick mock up version of the grid, so here is a screenshot with the final version (also seen in the image above).


On the domestic side of things, we now have a title screen! And we can save, and load, and actually soft quit the game!



We’ve added a system menu that will act as a proper pause (no game clock running) that lets you access well… system functions. It has Load, an Options menu for tweaking how the game is set up, an option to return to the title screen, and a screen that shows your current progress in the game.


We also now have sound and visual effects in place when you find an item or gold. The tones are different between the two, so even if you mash your way through it, you’ll still know which type you found.


That wraps up code updates for now. Justin Mollenauer is currently working on our shop system, so we’ll have more to reveal and discuss on that when it’s complete.

I’ve made significant sprite progress and now all of the movement animation sets for the Chapter 2 and 3 enemies are complete. I’m nearing the halfway point through combat animations for the Chapter 2 enemies, as well. Once those are done I’ll spend some time setting up the actual Unity animators for them and get them into the Chapter 2 maps so they feel closer to complete.

Steph is working through another big set of portraits for our characters, good and bad, so we’ll do a bunch of introductions in the next post, and I’ll show off some of the other art progress then as well.

Andrew is currently finishing another battle theme as well getting ideas together to start a Main Theme. This is unquestionably one of the most important themes in the game, because the motifs and melodies that carry through the main theme will resonate into other fanfares and themes in the game’s soundtrack. As always, we’ll post new music as it is finished.

We’ll likely not post again until early February, but please leave any questions of comments you have, and follow us on our social media accounts. I’ll try to be better about posting smaller progress pics and things on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Have a good January and stay warm!

Justin Mitchell

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