Devblog Update #7

Greetings! We’re a month into 2017 and all gears are well oiled and moving along!

A few weeks ago I participated in Global Game Jam 2017, which was a massive change of pace from how I’m used to doing things, but overall was a ton of fun and I met a lot of the local game development community that I hadn’t yet. Many thanks to Will and Lauren at RVA Game Jams for hosting the event!

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One of the people that ended up on my team is Su Ajaj, a super talented art student at VCU. After working together on a hilarious little game involving “the Wave” that crowds do, and this little, naked, pixel streaker, I asked them if they’d join our efforts. They agreed, and has come on as a part-sound designer, part-animator to help me when I need another set of hands/eyes/brain. We’re very excited to have them on board for this, and maybe some future projects as well.






Development over the past month has been a focused effort on two main things: Story event development and the shop system. I am nearing the end of Chapter 1’s story scenes, with two of the events set aside until I have the code I need to get them in place. That said, The game is actually a game now! I have two final events to build and then I can start playtesting it all in linear chunks and doing some slight balancing and things along the way.


We have shops! Justin Mollenauer has finished the majority of our shop system and I have started creating some of the shops in order to test them out and play with them more. This adds another major part to the flow of the game, and lets you do important things like restocking healing items and selling off enemy loot you don’t want to use. Our next order of business is tweaking a number of small things in battle and build out some tiny features that let us polish the existing game a bit. For instance, all of our townsfolk just hang out wherever I put them right now. We’ll be developing a script that lets them wander around and actually look and feel like people.

Art progress has largely been on the backburner in the name of story event progress, but it’ll be back in full swing very soon! More to come on that subject. Our composer, Andrew, and I are finishing up the last few tracks we need for Chapter 1 to be entirely music-complete. He has also raised the bar on how our music is mixed and mastered, which really polish the way the whole game sounds and feels. Here is the most recent battle theme he composed, complete with some screenshots from the game.

Lastly, I have two announcements pertaining to the near future and what we’ll be up to. Andrew and I are attending Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco at the end of the month and we couldn’t be more excited! All of this recent development and polish will accompany us there, so anyone who wants to meet up and check out the game, please reach out! Secondly, I received word today that I will be presenting War of Velana at Pixelfest in Norfolk, Virginia during the weekend of April 7-9. This is the first time I’ll be showing the game to the public, so come hang out and play it. Pixelfest is free!

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That’s all for now. I’ll have lots to share and more updates to report next time!

Justin Mitchell

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