Devblog Update #8

Hello! Apologies for the delay in posting this, things have been pretty crazy since the last update.

At the end of February I flew out to San Francisco for GDC for the first time and it was absolutely amazing. I met a ton of amazing people in all areas and levels of the industry. Our composer, Andrew Capone, also attended and we had a chance to show off the game for a few hours at an after hours event. We were, of course, nowhere near prepared for the event, but that just made it that much more of a learning experience. After we ironed out some things, we came away with some really solid feedback and design input from some fellow developers. We’ll be working on integrating some of this changes into the game as soon as the current round of code development is complete.

As you can imagine, being at a conference for a week reduced my workflow to pretty much nothing. I got some event writing time in while I was on the plane, and a few tweaks here and there, but largely that week was scrapped. Since then, I’ve made some serious strides in combat animation art for the enemies in Chapter 2, some reworking on ally weapon animations and icons, and further architecture and design work in the magical city of Glasmere for Chapter 3. I also took some time to rework the interior spaces in Pell Village and I think the change is vastly for the better. Here’s an image of our mage friend Prym’s house. It’s a lot more mage-y now.

Code development continues to go well, with the event control system now being implemented into the combat engine. We have a few pieces left to get everything I need in place, but then the final piece of the story in Chapter 1 can be finished, which is the first of our big milestones for progress.

On the writing side, a friend of mine has joined our ranks to take some of the NPC and side story writing off my plate. Andrew Fields has worked on a number of projects in the tabletop realm, most notably the recent Pathfinder setting Aethera.

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A wild Kickstarter appears!

Less than a week before I left for GDC, the topic came up of where we are in development, where we’d like to be, and how to get there. In addition to being able to focus more of my time on the game, I wanted to find a way to engage the player community and give them a chance to come into the world of Velana and add some of their own designs and ideas. Kickstarter has been a rough terrain for a while, but despite some unfortunate project outcomes and circumstances, I believe it can still be a fantastic platform for project funding, outreach, and player voice.

We will be launching a community engagement campaign in the first week of April! The date is not 100% set but it will likely be mid-week. If you have not already done so, please follow and like us on Facebook and Twitter so you receive updates on the campaign. We also have a Thunderclap so please go support us there as well so we get as much post reach as possible. Our Kickstarter will be offering a lot of really interesting ways for backers to contribute to the game and the world itself, as well as digital and physical special editions.

Andrew Capone and Andrew Fields will be joining me at Pixelfest in Norfolk, Va the weekend of April 7-9 to present War of Velana for the first time, so if you’re in the area and can come to the event, please do! It’s free, and we’ll be giving away stickers!

I think that’s all for this update. I’ll post again just before the Kickstarter goes live with any other news, but be sure to check our social media for more frequent updates.

Justin Mitchell

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