Devblog Update #9

Hello! It’s been a whirlwind of a month, but the Kickstarter is live and chugging along, and Pixelfest was a huge amount of fun and a great learning experience as well.

Our Kickstarter is up and we have this spiffy new art from Steph to go with it! We’ve cleared 16% and are closing in on the $2500 mark for funding! We’re really excited to see some people put in for the Architect tiers and what we’re offering with those. For anyone who doesn’t have it, here’s a link to the Kickstarter.

We’re also now on Steam Greenlight! So head over and vote for us!

Pixelfest, its second year running, was 3 days of talking to people of all ages (I think our range was 9 to somewhere mid-50s) and having them test a portion of the game’s first chapter, combat, and how all of the world feel and mechanics have come together so far. We received nearly uniform positive response! Andrew Capone and Andrew Fields attended with me and helped out a ton at the booth and networked with others there. It was a great event and we plan to return!


The only major update this month is that we’re doing an overhaul on the animation system! The new system gives us a huge amount of control and lets us do things like screen flashing, turning sprites on and off, and just gives us so much better control overall. It also lets us build and implement the weapon skills in the game, which will bolster your party’s strategy in battle and will further flesh out how combat flows. I don’t have any comparisons to show just yet, but the rework is nearly complete and I’m extremely excited to dig in and get some of this animation backlog implemented.

Most of this month will be spent pushing the Kickstarter around and marketing things, but I plan to use any free time I have on getting through the Chapter 2 combat animations that aren’t done yet. That way I have everything I need to dive in and build that Chapter out as quickly as I can!

I’ll post again in a month with (hopefully) a bunch of big updates and some cool things to show!


Until then,

Justin Mitchell


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