Press Kit

Current Project: War of Velana

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Plot Overview:

The Black Triad waged war on Alta 200 years ago and were defeated. Now, a new dark army stirs and threatens to bring chaos to the country again. A ranger and his friends get wind of what’s happening and chase after a Kovellian mage to try and prevent another war.

Key Gameplay Features:

  • 16-bit Tactical RPG on a non-isometric grid. Take up to 8 allies into battle with you.
  • Multiple classes and build types. Some classes can be promoted and some are specialty classes (e.g., Alchemist)
  • Each character gets a unique set of abilities and stat growth ranges regardless of class. (e.g., Your two Soldiers will develop¬†differently)
  • 6 Chapters, each exploring a different part of the country of Alta. Each region has a unique environment and design feel.
  • Many layers of secrets, lore findings, secret characters, and rare enemies to find and hunt.
  • Intuitive system design and quality of life features (e.g., Every unit’s HP/SP bars display with the pull of a trigger)

Release Platforms:
Windows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, iOS

Tentative Release Date:
April 2018