War of Velana


Project Overview:

War of Velana is a tactical RPG inspired by the 16-bit era and refined through modern experience. We’re capturing the nostalgia of classic RPGs, but with intuitive systems at the core.

Velana is a richly varied world with a deep, historical lore. Ages ago, war raged through the lands. The Royal Altian forces were pitted against the Black Triad and their dark army. Once the conflict was quelled, a Great Wall was constructed and peace settled in. Now, nearly 200 years later, the dark army whispers once more.

Arnen and his friends stumble upon events that threaten their village. Join them and help ensure peace remains in the country of Alta.



Control a wide variety of classes and characters in grid-based combat. Rely on skills, magic, and strategy to defeat your enemies.

Prepare your characters for battle with items from shops and traders around Alta. Offload any extra items into the party stock.

Explore and search the world for information, lore, and hidden treasures. Discover secrets of the Dwarven Age and uncover forgotten relics that were lost to time.


Starting Characters:

Arnen is the protagonist of our story and, as a ranger, wields a bow and arrows in combat. Keep him away from the front lines and he’ll help your melee fighters stay alive.

Dolvis is a soldier from the artsy city of Dellador. He can handle attacks from all sides and cleave through enemies with his sword.

Krell is a friend of Arnen’s from Pell and wields axes in combat. He’s durable and can fight alongside Dolvis at the front of the battle.

Prym is a magician from Pell. She needs to stay back with Arnen, but can use fire and ice magic to defeat enemies.

Karissa is Arnen’s sister and training to be a Priest of┬áthe Order of Velana. She can heal your allies with magic and use light magic to eliminate foes.